Amiga & Atari ST

Amiga and Atari versions of the game were released two years later than the Z80 versions (1989). They were developed from the Commodore 64 program, and the programmer was the same: Colin Porch. Although these machines had more RAM memory than any of the 8-bit computers, their versions didn't included the extra graphics that were in the Amstrad CPC version. Why? Our speculation is that the C64 version didn't included those graphics. However, the graphic features of the versions for these 16-bit computers were improved. As you can see, the results are excellent.

Commodore Amiga 500

Los resultados están a la vista y son, sin duda, excelentes. La diferencia entre una y otra versión es nula en lo que a gráficos se refiere. Quizá la versión Atari pueda presumir de un mejor sonido.

It's interesting that all the graphics versions have exactly the same size. Spectrum resolution was good (256 x 192 pixels), and it was very similar to other machines resolution modes (including Amiga and Atari). For example, Head's sprites have a 24 x 24 pixels size in all platforms (except our PC version). The only difference is the number of colors that were employed.


Head over Heels (Commodore Amiga) – Original format
Head over Heels (Atari ST) – PRG format

Amiga & Atari ST Screenshots