Amstrad PCW

The first thing that gets our attention of this game version is, with no doubt, the screen resolution. The rest of versions is bounded to a range of 320x200 (although these numbers vary lightly from a machine to another). In the PCW, on the contrary, it is duplicated. This doesn't mean that the graphics were remade. They were simply increased of size and there are four pixels where before there was one. But, it causes that Head over Heels double or triple rooms could be seen completely. This is a new view point for the player that has had a good time with the rest of versions. You can observe in the images below that the game is monochrome, but that a new sprite appears! This sprite is the Safari world's door.

Amstrad PCW 8256

Regarding the sound, this is the worst version. Although it is necessary to take into account that this machine wasn't designed thinking in games.


Head over Heels (Amstrad PCW) - DSK Format

Amstrad PCW Screenshots