Douglas' Remake

Douglas Mencken found our version of Head over Heels back in 2016. His first goal was to create a Mac OS X version of the game. Subsequently, he has been adding new features with help from various contributors.

Douglas is still working on his remake and he will be glad to receive any help you can give him. At the moment, the major differences with respect to our version are:

  • Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.
  • There is a new graphic set that mimics ZX Spectrum version.
  • Optional display of a mini-map on the screen.
  • Entry room tunes have been incorporated.
  • Some sound effects have been improved.
  • Selection of different graphic sets. You can choose between the two made by Davit Masiá, the one by Ricardo Oyón, and the new monochrome set with Spectrum colors.
  • Head and Heels are animated in game menus.
  • Transitions between the user interface menus.
  • The camera can be centered on the room or on the character.
  • Shadow casting can be disabled.
  • Frames can be deactivated.

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