Amstrad CPC

At first sight, there is a notable difference between the Amstrad CPC version and the Spectrum one. It could be said that graphics of CPC version are the coloured graphics of Speccy one and it would be true, because if we don't take into account the number of colours, their screenshots would be alike. Higher resolution of CPC computer was similar to the Sinclair's machine, but CPC could show four colours at the same time (no colour clash). For that reason, Filmation games had better quality in this machine.

Amstrad CPC 464

If you look at screenshots carefully, you may appreciate too that this version has more sprites. Two new gates were added (or maybe removed from the Spectrum version). They are Moonbase and Safari gates. Why? Because the amount of RAM memory was very little and a few bytes more or less could make to add or remove some little things.


Head over Heels (Amstrad CPC 6128) - DSK format

Amstrad CPC Screenshots